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Beijing Lida Plastic Products Manufacturing Co. Inc.  (“Lida” for short ) (formerly called Beijing Miyun Plastic Factory), established in 1971, is situated in Beijing Miyun Industrial Development Zone, and has become one of the largest companies specializing in manufacturing professional-grade safety hardhats in China.

Lida is new understand of safety helmet <People Republic China understand > GB2811-89, and is one of the earliest companies manufacturing “Grade A” safety hardhats in Beijing and it has been doing that for more than 30 years.  We have had patents for many of our safety hardhats and obtained both ISO9000-2000 International Quality Control System Certificate and CE European Union Products Quality Certificate.  Lida products enjoy tremendous reputation for its design and quality in both national and international markets.

Lida, a member of China National Commission for Worker’s Protective Industries, has passed all the quality tests made by relevant municipal and national agencies.  Several times, Lida products have been sited nationally as “Super Quality Products”, recommended to all other safety products manufacturers in the country and named as “Trust-worthy Quality Products” by China Light industrial Products Quality Assurance Center.

        Lida has well-established data management and quality assurance systems, advanced production facilities and techniques, and state-of-art testing equipment.  We offer a wide range of products include: ABS, Fiber Glass and Plastic safety hats and other headwears for special conditions and environment such as welding helmet, miner’s hardhat, winter headwear, alarm hardhat, noise reduction hardhat and etc.  The annual production capacity of Lida is 350,000 units.


Lida products are ideal for various industries such as capital construction, mining, metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical engineering, transportation, harbor, forestry and etc. 

        Lida products have been favored not only by domestic but also by international customers since they have been exported to USA, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Southeast Asia and many other countries. 北京力达塑料制造有限公司