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How to choose and use safety helmet properly

How to choose and use safety helmet properly

2018/08/16 16:17

Safety helmet, as a personal head protection device,can effectively prevent and reduce the injury to human head caused by falling objects and self-falling in production. It is widely used in construction, metallurgy,mining, chemical industry,electric power, transportation and other industries. Practice has proved that wearing a good performance helmet can really play a role in protecting the human head.


At present, there are still a large number of inexpensive and inferior safety helmet on the market. Most of them are processed and produced with recycled waste plastic. The quality is very poor. They can not play a protective role on the human head and pose a great threat to the safety of users. Therefore, it is necessary to master and understand the material, structure and characteristics of the helmet as well as the correct selection and use.


1 Structure and material of safety helmet


1.1 material of cap shell


1.1.1 HDPE (low pressure polyethylene): comprehensive performance is good, low price, suitable for general workplace.


1.1.2 ABS (engineering plastics): Generally used in high-grade helmet, high strength, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, the production of a beautiful helmet appearance, excellent performance, suitable for the use of management. The safety helmet made of imported Qimei helmet ABS709 is superior to that made in China in quality and performance, though its price is high.


1.1.3 FRP: Strong rigidity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for steelmaking, underground, mining and other special operations.


1.1.4 others: rubber material, paper glue and safety helmet made of bamboo, rattan, wicker and other materials.


1.2 cap lining (Hongkong called "hoop")


1.2.1 Plastic Lining: All of the plastic injection molding, wearing stability, easy adjustment, but poor comfort.


1.2.2 Cotton (chemical fiber) ribbon lining: a combination of plastic lining and cotton (chemical fiber) ribbon lining advantages, wear comfortable, good stability, easy to adjust.


1.3 connection between cap and cap


1.3.1 plugging: the plastic hanging card on the cap lining is inserted into the socket of the cap to form a tight fit connection.


1.3.2 bolt connection: use the cotton rope or chemical fiber rope to connect the cap shell and the cap and tie rope into one body.


1.3.3 Riveting: Use plastic nails or rivets to connect the cap shell and the cap lining as a whole. Generally, plastic nails can be detachable, easy to clean or replace the cap lining, and have good insulation performance.


1.4 classification


1.4.1 From the shape, there are no edge, small edge, curling edge, middle edge, big edge and other top ribbed and smooth ribless.


1.4.2 From the use of the environment, there are no holes in the spring and autumn helmet, summer use of breathable helmet, and winter use of cold helmet.


1.4.3 From the production site, there are general use of the helmet and special use of the helmet.


1.4.4 Safety helmet with additional functions, including electric alarm safety helmet, anti-noise safety helmet, welding mask safety helmet, etc.


2 precautions for buying safety helmets


2.1 We should choose the safety helmet made by the famous and reputable manufacturer. We should never lower the price and neglect the hidden danger.


2.2 according to the choice of workplace. If underground, underground engineering, tunnels, logging, electrified, fire and other places of work, must choose with special technical performance of the helmet, must not be used in general workplace safety helmet, in order to avoid major casualties.


2.3 According to the enterprise's own characteristics and image design, choose beautiful shape, fine workmanship, wear comfortable, reasonable structure of the helmet.


3 notes for use


3.1 before wearing, please check whether the hat cord is locked or not.


3.2 Cap lining should be prevented from being scratched by prey. If damage is found, it should be replaced in time according to the original specification type. No other cap lining should be replaced at will to ensure your life safety.


3.3 when it is not used for a long time, it should be kept in dry and ventilated places, which are not exposed to direct sunlight.


3.4 Plastic safety helmet shall not be used for more than two and a half years, and FRP safety helmet shall not be used for more than three and a half years.